Official Trendmicro - Login and Download, Install, Reinstall, and Redownload Trendmicro Internet Security Products Key

Proper setup and installation of a trend Micro Product

Looking for a simpler process to install and activate the Trend Micro AntiVirus? You are definitely at the right place

  • Get to the system where you want to install the software. Once you are at that system, visit the site
  • If you happen to be new user, register on the site using the correct credentials. If you are an existing user, use your credentials to log in.
  • On the resultant page, you will now encounter a list of Trend Micro Products. Among them, choose one that you have or want to buy. If you are merely looking for activation after purchasing the software from a retail store, all you need to do is to input your details such as product key, subscription period, renewal details etc,
  • After inputting the details, click on “Submit”
  • You will now get an email that will contain the activation key
  • Note this key down for future reference

If you happen to be a resident of Australia, you are fully qualified to avail our free assistance for any of the Trend Micro Products. This support team will provide you with timely and thorough solutions for all the antivirus related problems.

Now, to download the application


While the earlier steps are meant for the users who have acquired the software through the retail store, the following steps are meant for those who want to download the application from the official site. To that end, the following procedure is relevant and streamlined:

  • First, visit the official Trend Micro website
  • As per your requirement, register or login to this site
  • On the landing page, you will see a number of products. Select the one you want to buy and then click on the Download Trend Micro button.
  • Now, the website will direct you to a shopping cart. Checkout using either the Paypal or credit card.
  • You will now be sent an official email that will contain the activation key and a downloading link
  • Go to your inbox and click on the link followed by entering the activation key.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to initialize the download. Once the downloading process is complete, you can begin with Trend Micro Software Installation.

Installing Trend Micro Maximum Security

While Trend Micro Internet security is adequate enough cyber protection tool. It is advised that user opt for the far more robust and effective Trend Micro maximum Security. Favored by several professionals, the process to install this application is simple as well.

  • After the downloading process is complete, the installation process should initialize automatically. If not, you may have to re download the whole thing.
  • Once downloaded, the extraction process will start. If that is not the case, then double-click the antivirus icon to force start the extraction process.
  • After the completion of extraction, the installation process will begin, input the requisite details and also input the drive letter for installation location and also agree to the terms,
  • The entire installation will be complete in mere minutes

Now that you have installed the application, you might have to re-enter the activation key. To do that,

  • Double-click the Trend Micro Icon
  • Click on menu
  • Select the “Enter activation Key”
  • Input the activation details
  • Click on the “Next button to proceed”

First Scan After The Installation Process

Now the entire activation and installation process is complete, you can now start your first scan. It is necessary to give the initial information about the system to the antivirus software After updating the virus definitions by clicking on the update button, you can click on scan to start the system sweep The entire process can take around 30minutes to a few hours. You can minimize the window while the process is going on. You can get in touch with Trend Micro Support with nothing more than a single click. If you seek direct contact with the support team, you can use our toll-free contact number (1-800-894-139)